The floors

The interior spaces of Bornhold Haus match the upmarket standard of the building’s outer appearance. On all 7 floors, the variable room concept offers discerning tenants the kind of flexibility required to develop visionary ideas.

The ground floor

Sufficient space for exclusive retail shops

High-standard concepts: upmarket fashion brands presenting themselves on Bornhold Haus’ ground floor fit well to other renowned brands such as Chanel, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Lacoste and Montblanc represented in the neighbourhood. The size and layout of the floor space available also allows for modern shop-in-shop solutions. And, keeping an open mind, we are always ready to be inspired by other non-retail business ideas. The ground floor, which provides a high level of flexibility, stretches over a total of 1,594 m²: the layout of the rental units can be adapted to meet the tenant’s individual requirements.

  • rental spaces of between 263 m² and 610 m²
  • shops with glass fronts stretching over 9 to 12 metres
  • retail spaces without restricting walls pillars partly roofed with large skylight domes
  • renting of additional retail or storage space on the lower Fleet floor is possible if required
  • some spaces allow passing through right from Neuer Wall to the Fleet at the other end
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The upper floors

Sufficient room for individual offices

The building’s versatility and highly rated flexibility becomes apparent on the upper floors: offering spacious areas for a large number of employees as well as small but elegant offices set in a pleasantly atmospheric environment, Bornhold Haus is capable of meeting almost any demand. This is why business partners from various different sectors of industry have moved their business address to this attractive building in Neuer Wall.

  • prestigious office spaces, flooded with light
  • large reception areas and conference rooms
  • different layouts are possible from one- or two room offices to open plan solutions:
    • e.g. a fitted library
    • glass partitions
  • inviting roof terraces
  • rental space available in flexible sizes of between 146 m² and 1,438 m² per floor
To the rental units

A look on details:

The office floor in Bornhold Haus in an exclusive 3D tour


The floor plan

Perfect layout for both small businesses and companies with large space requirements: the upper floors can be used either as coherent units or divided into up to four units per floor with individually-sized floor space of between 146 m² and 426 m². Alternatively, the floor design encourages the creation of just one single rental unit with a floor space of 1,438 m². Along with the reception area, the units allow flexible partition of offices and meeting rooms as well as kitchens and toilet areas.

The rental units

Stretching over a total floor space of 10,000 m² – from the prestigious, light-flooded retail spaces on the ground floor right up to the building’s exclusive office spaces, Bornhold Haus offers sufficient room for individuality and encourages tenants to implement own ideas.

Retail Office
444 207 142 1,471 1,718   1,438   1,438   1,432   1,381   1,257   9,250 1,678
Rental unit 1 444 207 142 575 292 295 295 292 287 318
Rental unit 2 261 528 423 424 424 403 336
Rental unit 3 634 520 426 426 426 405 323
Rental unit 4 377 294 293 290 285 280
Total (Retail & Offices) 651 651 1,613 1,613 1,718 1,718 1,438 1,438 1,438 1,438 1,432 1,432 1,381 1,381 1,257 1,257 10,928
Even the smaller office units offer various design options.

The interior spaces of Bornhold Haus match the upmarket standard of the building’s outer appearance. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up the building to both the Fleet and street sides as well as the two courtyards to ensure that each office is bathed in light.


Are you interested in vacant rental units or would you like to talk to us about other business ideas apart from retailing? Our Leasing Manager will only be too pleased to answer your questions.

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