The property

Bornhold Haus stands out for its many characteristic highlights.

“Today the Bornhold House is our personal mosaic stone in the beautiful city of Hamburg.”

Manfred Schoenbach, Investor & Developer

More often than not, the entrance area of a house is suggestive of the first and essential impression visitors get from a building: it is the place where people, often rather unconsciously, perceive its quality standard. The spectacular glass front allows daylight to flood into the spacious and very prestigious entrée.

The stylish ceiling lamp “Artichoke”, a modern classic designed by Poul Henningsen, illuminates the entrance hall in the evening.

The building viewed in profile

Bornhold Haus provides exclusive space for offices and commerce. The inviting interior design offers sufficient room for individuality, giving tenants the freedom to implement own ideas.

  • three retail spaces in a top environment
  • rental space available in flexible sizes of between 146 m² and 1,438 m² per floor
  • exclusive service provided by a competent contact person on site
  • continuous investment in the quality of the building
  • communal areas are always kept in a clean, well-maintained condition
  • secure parking facilities for bicycles and cars
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Bornhold Haus combines timeless elegance with high-quality materials.

Light-coloured natural stones characterise the unique and distinctive facade.

Both the appealing architecture and large, prestigious foyer distinguish Bornhold Haus from its neighbours in Neuer Wall. The building’s many detailed features combined with superior materials and interior spaces that are bathed in light, not to mention the exclusive location and surrounding waters, make Bornhold Haus a very special address.

High-quality materials such as oak wood and architectural bronze feature throughout the entire building.
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Bornhold Haus is located at Hamburg’s most famous and exclusive address: Neuer Wall. What makes this location so particularly appealing are the classy upmarket shops and offices, which, stretching over a length of 1,200 metres right in the heart of the city of Hamburg, radiate a certain dignity while emphasising the city’s elegant cosmopolitan spirit. And the omnipresent relation and proximity to water certainly creates a distinct, unique flair: the Binnenalster is nearby and the waterways Alsterfleet and Bleichenfleet run both in-between and alongside the streets. In addition, the area’s many bridges connect this part of Hamburg to its neighbouring surroundings, offering a world of eternally surprising views and perspectives. The most prestigious and thriving city squares and promenades such as Rathausmarkt, Gänsemarkt and Jungfernstieg are located in close proximity to Bornhold Haus. The Elbphilharmonie is within walking distance.

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“Architecture should have existed in terms of design and content
ahead of time.”

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kitzmann, Architect of Bornhold Haus

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